LoveJoy’s story

LoveJoy Image’s mission is to reintroduce confidence and style to women by refining and defining their overall personal and public image. We create a place where woman of all backgrounds and careers can feel comfortable and overcome limiting beliefs.  In short, we arm our clients with the tools needed to meet their destiny.

LoveJoy Image began when its founder, Joy Kingsley-Ibeh, took notice of a common theme she encountered within her international travels: most women lacked the time and knowledge to cultivate their beauty which in turn impacted their personal and public persona. For example, married women with children had a tendency of putting themselves last, and because of that, their confidence suffered.  And on the other hand, there are woman who have the means, but lacked the time, knowledge, and confidence needed to look fabulous in their personal or professional lives.

And that the same time, woman secretly want to dress fabulously, look great, walk like a model, pose for pictures, speak well in personal or professional settings and have overall proper etiquette.  While every woman wants to put her best foot forward, most are often times too afraid to admit they want or even need help.  These observations, Joy’s love for fashion and succeeding against all odds created the perfect storm for LoveJoy Image.

The Company began as a styling and wardrobe consultancy.  And Joy learned quickly that a women’s image highly determines her mental outlook of herself.  As she worked with these women and helped them to redefined themselves, the women began to love themselves again. The tagline “fall in love with you again”, was born.  LoveJoy Image soon expanded its clientele to not only stay-at-home moms, but to the everyday business executives, athletes, models, musicians, government professionals and men. Through a wealth of experiences, LoveJoy Image provides many services that will help you Fall in love with YOU again.  Learn more about our services or contact us today for your initial consultation.

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