Learn how to put you first and love yourself without feeling guilty. Confidence is a characteristic that is often lacking in today’s busy woman.  If you are ready to step out of your box, make some time for you, and build your confidence while enhancing your image, this workshop is for you.

LoveJoy Image understands the challenges of transition, and is best suited to empower, cultivate, and bring out a more feminine, sexier, beautiful and healthier you.  Invite us over, and our mobile workshop will come to your location and present a fun-filled session based around your goals.

Set up an individual or group workshop:

  • Girls Night In (GNI) Soirees
  • Shower’s
  • Retreats

What you will learn:

How to walk

What does your “walk” and “posture” say about you?  Learn the art and power of the walk and physical presence.

How to photograph
Let us help put the fun back into photo taking.  Our Photogenic You session of our LoveMe workshop will teach you how to pose and how to feel comfortable in front of the camera.
Fitness and Wellness
Beauty isn’t only about your wardrobe and style, it’s deeper.  Beauty begins from the inside out.  Not only will you learn ways of keeping fit through exercise, you’ll gain more knowledge on healthier eating options.  LoveJoy Image has a team of personal trainers, nutritionist and ex-professional athletes that will teach you how to love you from the inside out.   Living a healthy and stylish lifestyle is our goal for you.
Confidence Building

Get inspired to reach your full potential physically, mentally, and spiritually in your personal, professional and romantic life. Using the tools provided in the workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding on how image, poise, style and confidence directly impact how you view yourself and how others view you.

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