Palava Hut Interview with Joy

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Fall is here, and with it came an exclusive interview on Palava Hut TV, with our Owner /Lead stylist Joy Kingsley-Ibeh.

One click and you can see the exclusive interview with host Sana Akibu.

Joy is in the spotlight on Palava Hut TV….

Owner Joy Kingsley-Ibeh was interviewed by Palava Hut TV on their “In Da Hut” talk show with host Sanu Akibu. “In Da Hut” TV is an afro-exposure local access Television talk show in Virginia that airs on Fairfax County, VA. public access TV channel 10, as well as, online ( The show caters to our African-American/ African Diaspora audiences. Here is some behind the scenes footage.  Airdates to come.

We will keep you posted on airdates.  Thanks for your continued support and for making us news worthy!

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