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And you finally ready to show off that body that you worked so hard for all winter long right.  But what if you cheated on your New Year’s Resolution just a little bit?  Is it too late to get your body ready for that HOT new bathing suit or maybe even that girl’s trip to the Caribbean?

Spring is in the air and we all know what that means: It’s time to get that pep back in your step.  LoveJoy Image has created an exercise plan that will help you look and feel your best.  Here are a few tips to get you started

  • Rows 

Pulling exercises like rows strengthen your back to improve posture and balance out the body. Plus, you’ll look             that much sexier in halter dresses. The bent-over row uses dumbbells and gravity to target the back. Keep your             hips hinged without letting your shoulders hunch, and pull your elbows back, keeping them close to your sides.               Add in some extra core work by alternating your arms, but still keeping your torso square (no twisting).

  • Planks 

Yes, I know you’ve been told time and again how great planks are for you. But do you know why? For the strongest midsection, you want to train your core to resist flexing and twisting. The ab and back muscles are all that support the lower spine between your pelvis and your rib cage, so your goal should be to make them as firm as possible. Exercises like planks challenge all-around core stability.


  • Loaded Squats

Research continues to show the amazing benefits of lifting weights: It’s the go-to way to build muscles, strengthen your bones, and even speed up your metabolism. In fact, because the glute and leg muscles are the largest in the body, adding bulk to your squat is a big way to boost calorie burn. (And no, you won’t add bulk to your thighs—quite the opposite, in fact.) The simplest way is to use dumbbells, held in your hands with straight arms by your sides as you squat. Start with 10 pounds per hand, and increase once you can perform 12 reps with ease.

  • Reverse Wood Chops 

To get the biggest metabolic boost, you should aim to move more muscles at once. This also let’s you work out in a way that’s more functional (meaning how your body naturally moves every day) than you would by doing isolation exercises like bicep curls. Reverse wood chops are great!   You lift a medicine ball, dumbbell, or cable handle from in front of one hip to above the opposite shoulder. You’re mimicking the movement of lifting something from the ground to a high shelf while taxing the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and core. Consider it a must-have for your workout rotation.


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